Artist Bio

André Lamar is a father, son, brother, friend, entrepreneur, and mentor. While his primary occupation is marketing, his primary passion is his music. Andre has the copy-write to the lyrics of 28 of the songs he has written and has more songs that are close to being finished. He is a brilliant writer who is able to evoke emotions with his words. While he deems himself mainly a country writer/singer, his music can be transformed to any genre and has been compared to the sounds of Anthony Hamilton and Craig David often.

André Lamar Peterson (born March 25, 1980, Milwaukee, Wisconsin) is an alternative, soul and country singer-songwriter, and record producer. His first hit single “Gone Fishing”, garnished the attention of his hometown audience and beyond with over 70,000 views on His soulful voice and sarcastic lyrics; make for a circus of a good song.

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