Free Thank You Cards

Free Thank you Card

Thank you to Jazmin Rowe for sharing the site with her mother! Your are ahead of the game young lady!  Keep it up, Nicole and myslef expect great things of you!

This blog is specifically for the people who have supported the blogs I have posted in the past.  I really enjoy thanking people the older I get! Lol I think I have really started to have an appreciation for people and what they mean to me. There are some people who have done some things for me that I will never forget.  So I would like to start by giving a big shout out to Otis!  Otis was one of the counselors that I have had over the years.  He is the one man that I have matched wits with and lost more than I have won.  AND for that I am thankful.  You have taught me so many things over the years that I have known you.  Cognitive thinking skills that I may have never been able to acquire without your sharp opinions and harsh objectives.  You told me one day in front of about 20 people that you believed that I had what it takes to be successful and I valued that so much coming from a man that drives a 745, amongst a few other beautiful cars lol.  Not that this was the reason that I valued it more though.  The reason that I valued it more was because you said that you “wished you had what he had at his age” (talking about myself) in front of those 20 or so people.  You put yourself down to give me a compliment.  This would turn out to be my formula for giving compliments as was as thanks.  Thank you for taking a true interest in a knucklehead like me!  Knowing you made me have to set my own bar higher for so many reasons.  I wanted to be a better husband, a better father, and better counselor and a better business man.  You are someone I will always admire…

Now on to the people that have supported the site up until this point either through a comment on the page or through a text to say that you are following each blog I text you. Or the person that I made sit down in front of me until I saw that you read it for sure lol (do I really do that? YES)!

Cole B you are the man BOY! Lol Seriously man your support is a constant reminder that someone else can really relate to my vision. AND that is one of the best feelings that a visionary can feel! Thank you!

Shena C I have known you since high school.  Even though we didn’t really talk that much in high school or after, as a matter a fact we only been Facebook friends for a couple of days now lol but you have gone out of your way to support the page and I respect that!  Thank you!

Tammy C I thank you for stopping by and supporting a post that was so close to my heart! I was concerned about hitting the publish button on the blog                        but seeing the support that I received from people let me know that it was received the way that I meant it.  I am so glad that you stopped by; I hope that you choose to stay for a while!  Thank you!

Eric S brother man, how you doing???  The same thing I said to Tammy C is that me putting out that post about being molested was a hard post to put out there in that fashion.  I mean I can openly talk about it in front of people after I had felt them out for a while.  BUT to just put it out there and have the support of another male was cool. I appreciated that bro.  Thank you!

Nana, thank you for coming by and showing some love! You make sure that you stop by every week and check out the new posts!  There is sure to be something here that will interest you ever week. YOU HAVE MY WORD ON THAT!  Thank you!

Ms. Dish I haven’t known you that long but you’re a cool person! Very real genuine person and that is always appreciated by me.  Continue to join us!  Thank you!

Juan lol if that is your real name!  Bro you are a good young man!  I know you question my methods sometime but keep an eye on an eagle when he is on the ground, it will be easier to track him once he starts flying bro! Decode that one.  LOVE Thank you!

Myron S you just don’t know how much that text meant to me bro! Thank You!

Candice W.  I know you haven’t commented yet but I am sure that you will sometime soon when you feel like you’re ready!  Just know that I am waiting on it!!!!!!!!!!! Praying for it!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!

Brittany P what’s up cousin??? I loved the text you sent me “I told my story and made HIS-tory”! Thank you!

If I miss somebody really it’s my fault, its 1:24am right now…

Chrissy S hey big sister!  Little brother run almost everything past you and you help me refine some of my ideas and for that I am appreciative! Waiting on date night with the Stroli’s!!!!!! Thank you!

Rob O brother you were the FIRST person to comment on the website bro!  I will always recall that!  I pray things go well for you with your move bro!  You have my support! Thank you!

Dev C my man!  Nadja C for real we go back to 6th grade!  I knew both of you guys before you were an item! I knew Nadja C from school and I knew Dev from playing basketball at the Y.  I can honestly say that I think I like both of you a little bit more since your guys got together lol JUST KIDDING love you guys.  Thanks for the support. Thank you!

Damien@ Soloectro on twitter lol you are an eclectic brother with a style all your own!  Thank you for sharing it with the page brother.  I value your wisdom.  Thank you!

Ben G we always talk about the future as if we can see it clear as yesterday’s memory!  I don’t know if you know but that actually recharges my batteries quite a bit.  It helps to motivate and focus me.  Thank you for sharing your vision with me!  Looking for the day when we can find a way to mesh them together somehow. Thank you!

Sermaine P for 2 people that think so much a like we seem to debate more than anyone else that I come in contact with lol! Thank you for that! No one else will sit up with me for hours and debate something that we could both easily be considered right on.  You sharpen my points of view.  Thank you!

I am tired… anybody that I left out I didn’t do it purposely!  If I left you out of this post let me know I will make sure that I acknowledge you in a special way!  You have my word!

Thank you all for the input that you share.  The way to a stronger point of view is to rub it up against someone with a totally different one than your own!

Nothing but LOVE here, stay for a while and enjoy some… SOUL PRIORITY ENTERTAINMENT!



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