My Armani Watch (It’s not what you think!)

I was having lunch with my favorite most complete of all my mentors at Noodles and Company.  As we were standing in line he glanced down at the huge gray faced Armani watch that was on my wrist. Now that wasn’t the concern for me. The concern for me was the look that he gave me after he looked at the name brand of the watch. Him knowing that I work a modest job and taking care of a decent sized family, I am sure that he wondered how I could afford an Armani watch.  He himself could afford one easily being as successful in business as he is.  But I couldn’t even imagine him wearing this gaudy expensive watch anywhere.  Me on the other hand I wear it almost everywhere. I have it on as we speak. As I type this it sits on my wrist hanging because it is much bigger than my arm.  My best friend (outside of my wife) moved out of town a few months ago and the day before him and his family left, my mother had a get together for them at her home. She hooked up some BBQ and we drank a little wine. And we just talked.  We talked about life period. Where we had been and what we still planned to do.  My best friend became my brother. I have known him since I was about 11 years old. I have watched this man grow and mature. I have played a role in his growth and he has played a role in my growth. This is my brother. The dude I fought with once and would never do it again but I dare you to touch’em.

My brother took this watch off of his arm and placed it in my hand. I didn’t know what to say. I won’t lie an Armani watch is pleasing to the eye lol so I put it right on.  I didn’t know what to say but I knew what I was NOT going to say was “I can’t accept this” lol! No seriously I love my brother and what I should have told him was this: I will cherish this watch because it is from you. The name on the watch is not nearly as important to me as the spirit that gave it to me.  If I never get to see you again I would like this watch to represent that you never changed on me bro! You may have waivered to find yourself, but you never changed on me. The band is too big for my wrist so it slides down, almost to the middle of my arm. I will not take a single link out of it. I want it to remain as you gave it to me.

I know I don’t tell you enough, but I love you! Continue to be a great father, husband, business man and friend!  MILWAUKEE LOVE FOOL! lol


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