“Gone Fishing”

The ingredients:

The main ingredient for this album was certainly Love. I wcd-jewel-insert-4ppanted to make sure that… the listener could feel my heart with each and every melody. Deep thinking; Business partnerships; Grind; Money (personal money); Investors; Late nights; Early mornings; Life experiences; Hard work; and also Blood, Sweat, and Tears were spilled over this project. I made lots of friends; Met a lot of new people, but I also Lost a few key friends along the way.  Some sleepless nights; a lot of Stress,  a few People who told me I that I would not be able to finish a professional independent album; very little doubting of myself; a blanket of Honesty, Truth, and Pain blended finely together but in the end…

I learned more of what I am made of…



Please email TheBlackCountrySinger@tbcs.vip for your copy of the entire album.

Thank you for your support of independent music.