Artist Bio

André Lamar is a father, son, brother, friend, artistic entrepreneur, and respected mentor. While his primary occupation is marketing, his primary passion is his music. Andre has the copyright to the lyrics of 28 of the songs he has written and has quite a few more songs soon to be finished. He is a brilliant writer […]

“Meet the Wesleys” Natalie and Quinton

Dear Quinton, I am speaking straight from my heart to yours with love. I just want to say I know most of the time I know your intentions are good. I know you have a good heart and mean well. Sometimes when you enforce communicate with me and choose to share your feelings and ideas […]

“Gone Fishing”

The ingredients: The main ingredient for this album was certainly Love. I love music and wanted to make sure that… the listener could feel my heart with each and every melody, including my mistakes. Deep thinking; Business partnerships; Grind; Money (personal money); Investors; Late nights; Early mornings; Life experiences; Hard work; and also Blood, Sweat, […]

The Unspoken Truth written by Rob Olive

Ladies, what I’m about to dive into is touchy but real. Ask any man in any city with any ethnic background and you’ll get the same answer hands down. That is if this man is answering truthfully and not trying to knock you (we’ll say almost anything to knock you please know this) I say […]

“The Biggest Loser” Written By Natisha Cottrell

The Biggest Loser God does great things, and unsearchable, marvelous things without numbers. Job 5:9   God always looked out for my well being, I knew this while in the pre-surgery room at St Luke’s Hospital. I had a variety of feelings, including being overwhelmed, joyous, and grateful. I waited six long months for approval […]

I Think I Was Called A Monkey Today…

“Drea…I just wanted to let you know that I am truly sorry for my stupid comment and wanting you to know that I respect you as a friend…  and peer.  Please accept my sincerest apology and I hope you can forgive me and know that your friendship means the world to me again…I am so […]

Free Thank You Cards

Free Thank you Card Thank you to Jazmin Rowe for sharing the site with her mother! Your are ahead of the game young lady!  Keep it up, Nicole and myslef expect great things of you! This blog is specifically for the people who have supported the blogs I have posted in the past.  I really […]

MOLESTED till I was 25

In my family nobody talks about it.  In my family it’s one of those things that everyone knows about but no one has the “freedom” to say how they feel about it.  We just don’t talk about it.  I sit here thinking about how many of my family members had to endure the same pain, […]

On my birthday 32

THANK YOU for taking the time to enjoy my birthday with me!  I truly appreciate the gesture. WoW what do I say? You came to visit the site and for that I am grateful.  And (yes I know I am not supposed to start a sentence with a conjunction but as long as you visit […]